What is 5G?Must 4G be replaced by 5G?

2019-02-28 10:27:07 31

What is 5G?

In Gaotong's 5G website, we can see such a description: "5G is the foundation of the future", which is very macroscopic in terms of the future, and may even derive another "100,000 Why", such as "What is the future?" "Why does 5G change the future?" So I decided not to tangle with this problem first. For the time being, starting from the face, the so-called 5G, simply speaking, is the 5th generation mobile network, which is faster than 4G, has lower network latency and is more widely used.

Must 4G be replaced by 5G?

First of all, we can easily feel the fast, we know that after several years of laying out, the 4G network has basically achieved a wide range of popularity, in the use of the process can be said to have been very cool, but! Key points, but can the 4G network always ignore the environment of several megabytes of downloaded small movies? Not! When the number of devices in the same base station is very large, the actual usage rate of 4G may not be as high as HSPA+, which is why many times we are watching concerts and ball games, it is impossible to show off with a circle of friends on the 4G network.


Fundamentally, the carrier with the highest frequency in the 4G band is limited. The carrier with the highest frequency in the 4G band is above and below 2GHz, while the available spectrum bandwidth is only 100MHz. In contrast, the 28GHz band and the 60GHz band (millimeter wave band) are the two most promising bands to be used in the 5G band. The available spectrum bandwidth of 28 GHz band can reach 1 GHz, while the available signal bandwidth of each channel in 60 GHz band can reach 2 GHz.

What? Too professional to understand? It doesn't matter if you don't understand it. You just need to know that the spectrum bandwidth of 5G band is 10 times as easy as that of 4G band. When you hear some of the thinking partners here, you may raise your hand and ask, "What about 10 times?" I won't encounter network congestion every day. I'll just go through it if I have to endure it.

Sure, at present, the 4G band network is enough to deal with, but if you can look ahead, imagine that the number of electronic devices in our homes is increasing today? With the rise of smart home, many people have come up with the idea of Remodeling Old things, even implemented. These devices are all connected to the Internet. In the next ten years, the number of various networking devices will increase geometrically. If the network level is still like this, can you still say that "tolerance is gone"? Simply put, 4G simply can't afford the huge amount of data and networking needs in the future. With the continuous development of equipment, it is certain that 4G will be completely eliminated by 5G at last.