Private network wireless communication won the first prize for invention, promoting maritime communication

2021-05-25 15:42:15 14

The key technology of private network wireless communication won the first prize of Shanghai Technology Invention to promote maritime communication

The "Interference Suppression and Time Delay Controllable Interference Suppression and Time Delay Controllable" jointly undertaken by the Shanghai Institute of Advanced Studies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Digital Television Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University, the First Research Institute of Telecommunications Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Wireless Communication Research Center The "Key Technologies of Private Network Wireless Communication" project won the first prize of the Technology Invention Award.

The vision of future wireless communication is to realize the full-dimensional and full-covered global seamless business support of air-space-earth-sea. The extensive and in-depth integration of wireless communication and vertical industries will greatly promote my country's digital transformation strategy. Among them, sea area communication has become an important piece of "puzzle" in the realization of the air-space-earth-sea integration strategy, and an important scenario for the application of private networks in vertical industries. The sea area wireless communication environment is complicated, and the influence of weather change and sudden interference has brought research difficulties. For example, a typical application of wide-area broadband private network is in the coastal waters of my country. my country has a long coastline, active offshore activities, numerous ships, and high demand for communications. Maritime communication mainly relies on satellites, but the speed is low and the cost is high. Public networks such as 4G are oriented towards inland coverage, and there is a lack of broadband communications for dozens to hundreds of kilometers offshore. Information blind spots bring hidden dangers to national security and command and dispatch.

Compared with the personal communication service provided by the public cellular network, sea area communication also involves social public security and national industrial economy, and puts forward higher requirements for the reliability, timeliness, and efficiency of massive information access and transmission. However, private network communication has three common technical problems that plague the industry:

1) The cross-sea wireless communication environment is complicated, and the sudden interference of the atmospheric duct affects the reliability;

2) The spectrum resources of private network communication are limited, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of reliable transmission of massive information and delay guarantee at the same time;

3) The private network infrastructure resources are limited, and there is a contradiction between the demand for high-reliability protection and the cost of network infrastructure caused by emergencies.

Therefore, the project’s industry-university-research cooperation team, in accordance with the development of major strategic needs for national security, research and development of key technologies and application systems for wireless communication private networks in specific areas, has broken through the technical bottleneck of sea area private networks that is difficult to have both coverage and communication bandwidth. , Realized the key core technologies of "ultra-long-distance wireless interference suppression technology", "highly reliable delay guarantee relay technology", and "heterogeneous network load balancing energy efficiency optimization technology" from the three levels of channel, transmission and network, effectively supporting independent knowledge The rapid development and wide application of new wireless communication technologies with property rights. Related achievements have been applied to the wireless communication private networks of various vertical industries, and important practical problems have been solved, realizing the leap-forward development of private network communication technology in specific fields, and promoting the industrialization of private network communication.

As the first finisher, researcher Zhou Ting led the "Interference Suppression and Delay Controllable Private Network Wireless Communication Key Technologies" project, which broke through the technical bottleneck of the sea area private network that it is difficult to have both coverage and communication bandwidth. The scientific and technological achievements of the Institute of Communications are identified as: strong technological innovation, independent intellectual property rights have been formed, and core technologies have reached the international leading level. The technology was promoted and applied to private network products in a number of specific fields, and won the first prize of Shanghai Technology Invention in 2020.