HUAWEI is the fifth largest investor in the world for 5G

2019-01-02 11:27:37 36

Recently, the European Commission's official website gave the "EU Industrial R&D Investment Rank 2018", which is mainly a survey of R&D investment of 2500 major enterprises in 46 countries and regions in the world in fiscal year 2017. In this list, there are 339 companies in Japan (13 in the top 100, 35 in the top 100 in the United States), 778 in the United States and 577 in the European Union.

China has 438 companies on the list (11 in the top 100), of which Huawei ranks first in China and fifth in the world with 11.3 billion euros in R&D investment.

According to the European Union survey, Huawei ranks fifth in the world in terms of R&D investment among Chinese companies, ahead of Samsung, Google, Volkswagen and Microsoft, and behind Huawei, Apple, Intel and Qualcomm rank sixth, seventh and 29th respectively.

Samsung Electronics topped the list with a total investment of 13.437 billion euros in R&D, accounting for 7.2% of turnover; Alphabet, the parent company of Google, ranked second with 13.388 billion euros in R&D investment, followed by Volkswagen Germany (13.135 billion euros), Microsoft America (12.279 billion euros) and Huawei China (11.334 billion euros).

In 2004, Huawei ranked second to 200 in R&D investment worldwide, reaching the top five 14 years later. R&D investment of 11.3 billion euros accounted for 14.7% of total annual revenue, which shows that Huawei has never been stingy in R&D investment.

In addition, Intel and Apple, Roche in Switzerland, Johnson & Johnson in the United States and Daimler in Germany also ranked in the top 10.