Crecre Introduction

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▶Chuangxin Company Positioning

Chuangxin Company is a research and development enterprise that serves test solutions and system integration in the communications field. We provide customers with innovative test solutions, including customized brand-new test products. Our service concept is "take customer needs as new cognition, provide standard products, and cooperate with customized development." We are committed to providing customers with innovative, leading and professional testing Products interpret customer needs from a new perspective.


▶Core values of the company

"Creation-credit" creates trust and responsibility for all our partners to achieve a win-win situation!


▶R&D and production capacity

We are a team of senior test engineers, all core members have more than 10 years of experience in the communication field of instrumentation and testing. Crecre has extensive experience in (RF, data, test software, test system integration). Since 2012, we have provided exclusive test solutions and products for operators and terminal manufacturers such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Telecom Research Institute, China Telecom, China Mobile, Huawei, Samsung, and Arris. And get the recognition of customers!

There are nearly 1,800 square meters of office and assembly workshops in Shenzhen;


▶Product Composition of Chuangxin Company

◆Test system category: WIFI test system, independent GNSSOTA test system; wireless communication terminal network verification test system, wireless base station true capacity test system, wireless point-to-point terminal performance test system;

◆Microwave anechoic chamber and dark box: single probe OTA dark room, multi-probe OTA dark room, shielded box;

◆Electromagnetic compatibility test: EMC darkroom, shielded room, EMC shielded box;

◆RF matrix: switch matrix, attenuation matrix, adjustable phase matrix;

◆IoT testing solutions;

◆GNSS test instrument: GNSS record return visit instrument, GNSS signal repeater;

Cooperation brandSpirent、Changeself andm any more.


▶Industry Outlook

The development of communication technology never stops, whether it is 4G, 5G or future evolution, which makes people’s information transmission more and more convenient and diversified. For convenience and diversification, the Internet of Everything is about to be realized. The order of magnitude is amazing. More inclined to performance and customer experience verification。


▶Growth road of Chuangxin Company

Successfully developed a car key test system and delivered it to customers in April 2016

Successfully developed an ultra-small far-field OTA darkroom test system in June 2016

◆Acquired and merged all product lines and teams of Shenzhen Sizhong Technology Co., Ltd. in October 2016;

◆Successfully developed a basic RF channel simulator in September 2017;

▶Subsidiary Sizhong Growth road:

Established in 2007 to focus on test instrument integration

◆In 2011, jointly developed RF OTA darkroom test system with American customers;

◆In 2013, at the request of China Telecom, successfully developed a mobile phone cross-cell RF environment simulator;

◆In 2014, successfully developed the first radio frequency point-to-point terminal wireless networking capability test system;

In 2015, the project was established to develop an ultra-small and movable EMC darkroom test system

◆Successfully developed a wireless base station capacity simulation test system in 2015;


▶Development purpose of Chuangxin Company:The company is market-oriented, takes the actual needs and experience of customers as the standard, transforms innovation into a development concept, and creates a new future with hard work.