Spirent GSS6450 GNSS Signal Simulator

一Product overview

GSS6450, RF recording and playback system allows you to repeatedly run real GNSS / GPS tests in the laboratory.

Build for the most rigorous testing

With the optional 4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit I/Q quantization and up to 50MHz multi-GNSS frequency recording bandwidth, GSS6450 is an ideal system for all kinds of harsh test applications: from 4-bit GNSS chipset development to interference and interference analysis, to high-end GNSS system testing. It can record data bandwidth up to 200 MHz, and record four GNSS bandwidth at the same time.
Records - at any place, at any time.
GSS6450, weighing only 2.2 kg, is the world's smallest 16-bit RF recording and playback system. Small and light, it can easily be put into a backpack or satchel, making it an ideal choice for advanced testing of wearable technology.
Keep up with the changes in your needs
The design of GSS6450 can be expanded to meet your needs. If you choose the underlying system initially, it can be easily upgraded to keep pace with changes in your test requirements.

Our experienced GNSS engineers will help you choose the perfect system for your testing needs.



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