一Product overview

landslide® Mobile Packet Core (MPC) test system is a complete end-to-end performance testing system.

landslide® Mobile Packet Core (MPC) test system is a complete end-to-end performance testing system. Landslide can simulate millions of mobile data users who can access the wireless network simultaneously through different access modes. Mobility is a source of vitality for both 2.5g/3g, LTE and any generation of mobile networks.Whether or not the user layer data is included, the performance and capacity of the landslide can be fully tested in both technology and technology mobility to help customers ensure the best user experience Spirent ,Landslide is the preferred mobility testing tool for MPC network testing. Since landslide has established its reputation in the 2.5g/3g MPC and FMC testing field, it has become the preferred performance and scalability testing system for global mobile network equipment manufacturers and operators.

It can test many generations of mobile technology and cost to assist operators to provide high-quality 2g/3g mobile services, so with the continuous evolution of the carrier network, landslide can still fully meet its emerging new test requirements


Network Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise

• Comprehensive testing of mobility (mobility)

• Can characterize the system before performing performance testing/delivery

• Verifying system extensibility

• Determine capacity limits

• Measuring control layer capacity

• Stress testing of data-layer performance

• Automatic regression test

Carriers and service providers

• Multi-Vendor Interoperability testing

• Facilitate buyer's choice

• Determine the upper limit of performance

• Proper capacity design

• Provide end-to-end testing

• Network design and deployment analysis • Testing for multiple generations of mobility

By simulating the key wireless packet data network element and combining the control layer and the data layer simulation, the landslide can realize millions of real mobile user's simulation, can send and receive the application data in the activation, the different stage and the small interval switching state.