SZG-T3100 Gps/glonass L1L2 Signal Transponder

一Product overview

SZG-T3100 Gps/glonass L1L2 Signal Transponder

SZG-T3100 Gps/glonass L1L2 Signal Transponder Can receive the outdoor Gps/glonass satellite L1L2 dual-frequency signal, by filtering, amplifying and forwarding, the effective satellite signal received by the outdoor antenna is transferred into the room, and a reasonable network of indoor GPS special power divider, cable assembly and transmitting antenna is used to solve the problem of indoor large area GPS signal coverage. The indoor omni-direction transmitting antenna has 0 gain 0 attenuation characteristic, reduces the third party noise interference, installs the BLUE-T3100 system may make the GPS signal realizes the indoor entire coverage, and the power signal-to-noise ratio controllable, thus saves the equipment the input.

Application areas and Advantages

Application areas

It is suitable for all the situations where the GPS signal can not be received by blocking or covering the obstacles, such as: GPS Navigator production line, intelligent mobile phone and communication terminal production line, object Networking assistant positioning, GPS signal clock synchronization auxiliary, highway and subway tunnels, underground parking lots, teaching laboratories.


The system installation is simple and easy to implement.

Wireless transmitter, covering a wide range.

Signal stability, maintenance-free.

Low cost, high efficiency. 3-year long warranty, free from worry.


Product parameters: